Don’t dig a hole, brush the grass

October 31, 2012

Your clubhead’s interaction with the grass is very important and it must occur after impact. This is the golden rule and key to solid and consistent iron shots. But sometimes you are presented with small shots around the greens that require a different approach. This is where learning to interact with the grass is critical. The traditional “ball first, grass second” tip no longer applies. Here’s why.

When you make contact with the grass on a very steep angle, your clubhead slows down dramatically. If this happens an inch behind the ball, the ball advances only a fraction of the distance you intended. We call that type of shot fat, heavy, chunk, etc. On the other hand, when you make contact with the grass on a shallow angle, like sweeping the grass, your clubhead does not slow down nearly as much. This creates a greater margin for error and opens the door for contact with the grass before impact.

The secret is the bounce


Bounce is built into the sole of every wedge. It sits lower than the leading edge to act as support like a boat in water. Ultimately, the bounce prevents the clubhead from digging too deeply so its here to help. Learning to use the bounce with a shallow approach is critical around the greens. The following drill will show you how to practice this type of shot.

Take a pitching wedge and make continuous half swings. That means swing the club from waist high to waist high without stopping. On each pass, brush the grass only with the bounce. To do this you need to open the clubface which raises the leading edge and lowers the bounce. Also, do not take a divot. Focus on giving the grass a haircut without removing any earth. This may be difficult for some of you who normally take big divots, but believe me, this will greatly improve your touch around the greens. Finally, when you practice this drill see if you can make contact with the grass in the same spot. Not easy I know, but a great drill for developing the necessary hand-eye coordination around the greens. Good Luck!

The following video will show you had to practice the drill.


Long and Straight,


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  1. william December 4, 2012 9:15 am Reply

    Adam when are you going to start wearing a Nike hat!? Great drill its help me creat more feel around the greens.

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