Angle of Attack for More Distance

May 8, 2013

For amateurs who struggle getting more distance you need to focus on your angle of attack with a driver. Angle of attack is the vertical path the club is traveling at impact relative to ground. In other words you’re either hitting up, down, or level at the ball.  With irons your hitting down (negative) on the ball because the ball is on the grass, but when it comes to driving the ball you’re hitting more level or up (0 or positive) on the ball because your hitting off the tee.

Why is this important to know? Research from Trackman is proving that anyone can pick up at least 15-20 yards simply hitting more up on the ball. There’s no need to swing harder. The change in angle of attack will increase your dynamic loft resulting in a higher launch and sometimes less spin. That equals a lot more yards.

So how do you hit up on the ball? I’m going to list several things you can do.


  • Play the ball more forward
  • Lower your right shoulder
  • Start with 60% weight in your right foot


  • Take the club back with less wrist break 
  • Move into your right side
  • Rotate your left shoulder over your right foot (allow your left heel to come up if needed)


  • Slide the hips to your left side while keeping your head behind the ball
  • Lower your right shoulder
  • Have the feeling of releasing the clubhead passed the hands before impact

Try these tips and I guarantee you will improve your angle of attack.


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